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Get to Know Us

Meet the Inspiring Coaches of La Costa Canyon Pop Warner Cheer and Dance. 

Where Excellence Meets Respect!

Our coaching team at La Costa Canyon Pop Warner is at the heart of our cheer and dance program, shaping not just routines but the character and confidence of our young athletes. Unlike other programs, we pride ourselves on a coaching approach that values encouragement, mentorship, and teamwork over intimidation.

Our dedicated coaches bring a wealth of experience, nurturing a positive and inclusive environment that celebrates every cheerleader's unique talents. At La Costa Canyon Pop Warner, we firmly believe that success is built on a foundation of respect and support. Our coaches guide our athletes through spirited performances on the sidelines and in competitive tournaments, consistently achieving excellence without compromising the uplifting atmosphere we're known for.

Join us in redefining the cheerleading experience – where our outstanding coaching team empowers your child to flourish both as an athlete and an individual. Discover the La Costa difference – where coaching is about inspiration.

TM Wescon Comp

Call for Coaches! 
2024 Cheer Head Coaches

We will be conducting Head Coaches Interviews March 13th - 15th
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Please apply below by submitting your contact details and we will
be in touch.

Questions: please contact 

Call for Student Demos!

We are looking for Cheer Demos this season 

Please contact 

 Coaches Development Resources

You Ask Players to Develop in Off Season...But What Are You Doing?

Optimize Your Pre-Season Coaching Skills Development 

Looking for 2024 Coach Volunteers
Interview Submittal Deadline 3/30/24


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