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                   CHEER POSITIONS

Base - I support the weight of many. I am the BASE of the stunt.  My flyer puts her trust in my hands so that I may propel her toward the sky. I toss, extend, twist, and pop her up. MOST IMPORTANTLY- I catch her! I am the power of the stunt!

Backspot I’m the trunk, the pillar and foundation. I’m the one who pushes up and reaches out for the flyer; I stay grounded and take the falls. Without me there wouldn’t be ANYTHING to watch. I am the security, the one to trust, the only one to talk in a stunt group… I am the quarterback!

Frontspot I am the muscle that you don’t realize! I help control the stunt from the front. I use my strength, my skills to be a second grip for the base. I am the roots that help stabilize the stunt. I turn, catch my flyer and give additional security to any stunt or pyramid!

Flyer I am the one that must trust my bases, backspot and frontspot. I get thrown in the air, I use my flexibility, I get hurt, I often time have tears, bruises, and fear, however, I still want to get back up and keep trying. I am the one who holds the pressure of a fall in our routine. Everyone usually wants to fly, however, the pressure is so great, it’s like kicking the winning field goal in the Super Bowl. I do my best to make my stunt group proud!


It takes four people to put up a stunt, it takes four people to drop a stunt, it takes four people to make it hit, and one ounce of doubt to make it come down!

JV2 Wescon Comp
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