We are always looking for the next generation of great leaders and volunteers. If you have an interest in joining the La Costa Canyon Pop Warner Board of Directors or volunteering, please contact

Brian Dunphy:  president@lccpw.org

LCCPW 2021 Board Members


Executive Board Members:


Brian Dunphy - president@lccpw.org

Past President: 

Todd Smith - pastprez@lccpw.org

Vice President of Operations:  

Thomas Citrano - general@lccpw.org

Vice President of Football:  

Aaron Roth - viceprez@lccpw.org

Vice President of Cheer:  

Shanon Smith - vpcheer@lccpw.org


Jill Ricono - secretary@lccpw.org


Rob Murray - treasurer@lccpw.org

Voting Board Members:

Player Agent:  

Alex Woirol-Torres - playeragent@lccpw.org


Sven Schrecker  - sponsorship@lccpw.org


Sandy Colton - marketing@lccpw.org 

Little Scholars Rep:  

Sal DiBenedetto - littlescholars@lccpw.org

Team Parent Rep:  

Jennifer Starritt - teamparents@lccpw.org

Equipment Manager:  

Jason Foster - footballequipmgr@lccpw.org

Coaches Agent:  

Ryan Jones - coachesagent@lccpw.org

Fields Manager:  

John Busher - fields@lccpw.org

Player Safety Agent: 

Paul Gaspar - playersaftey@lccpw.org