Greetings LCCPW families. We hope you are as excited about this upcoming season as we are. In an effort to provide our kids and families the safest and highest quality equipment available, we have reached out to Xenith and Riddell to provide online stores specifically for LCCPW with their products available for purchase at a discount.


Here you can purchase helmets, shoulder pads or any swag items and they will be set with our colors. The stores will only be open thru this Sunday, so time is limited. In addition, we've also provided you with a link to Virginia Tech Helmet safety testing so you can see where helmets rank. Currently, the top rated helmet is the new Xenith Shadow XR that just came out last week an is available on the online store. 

 If you do not want to purchase your own helmet, that is okay. We at LCCPW offer newer, 5 star rated helmets for our kids; The RIDDELL Speedflex and the Xenith X2E, both are currently out for reconditioning.

If you have any questions about the helmets or want to make sure you get the correct size for you athlete, please feel free to reach out to our equipment manager, Randee Starritt and he can help via phone or a video call.


Xenith Store:  


Riddell Store:  


Thank you,


Randee Starritt